Do You Need a Small Business Support Specialist?

Are you spending too much time on bookkeeping and office management tasks instead of building your business? Do you wish you had more time to create a professional image for your business? Has your business grown so much that you that you no longer have the time to manage your growth and your paperwork too? Are you spending more time with your books than your clients? Do you have time to operate your business, spend time with your family and get some sleep?

In today's struggling economy, operating a small business can be like a juggling act for busy entrepreneurs. As a small business owner, your primary focus needs be growing your client base and increasing your profits. Reduce the struggle and tame the juggle—it's time for a Small Business Support Specialist!

Cooki Karriem

You Need Me!

Cooki Karriem offers comprehensive bookkeeping, office support, desktop design and website design services with a personal touch—personalized services are what make for a successful partnership. By specializing in small businesses, I am able to take the time to understand your company and it's goals. Professional quality services that are tailor made to suit the needs of your company that help you attain those goals. Let me handle these tasks and more, efficiently and expertly, freeing you to focus on running your business.